Here we provide an overview of the installation steps for each type of floor heat system to show how easy it is. Detailed installation instructions are included with each order and you may call our knowledgeable sales reps if you have any questions.

for Tile & Stone Floors

for Laminate & Floating Wood Floors

Installing ThermoTile®

Installation includes 4 basic steps:

  1. layout the mat
  2. spread thin-set mortar
  3. lay tile
  4. connect thermostat
1. Lay mats on subfloor.
Follow your layout plan and start the mat so its 10' lead wire reaches the thermostat.
A. space heating wires 3" from walls, fixtures and 4-6" from toilet rings. Adhere the mat mesh to the subfloor with staples, tape or hot glue. Do not staple the heating wire.
B. Cut mesh and turn mat to start new rows. Do NOT cut the heating wire. The mesh can be cut and turned according to your layout plan to fit the shape of the floor.
C. Pull lead wires & sensor up separate conduits to the electric box for later connection to the thermostat. Connect mats to InstAlarm during installation.
D. Weave sensor probe into the mesh evenly spaced between two heating wires before spreading thin-set over mats. Groove the subfloor to nest the sensor probe so the floor lays flat.
2. Spread thin-set mortar over ThermoTile or pour self-leveling cement.
  • Use a plastic trowel if thin-setting directly over heating mats.
  • Or, float a skim coat over the heating mat, then lay tile in a second step.
  • Or, pour self-leveling cement and lay or glue almost any floor covering.
3. Lay tile & apply grout. Follow normal tile & grout instructions.
To prevent cracks, use latex, acrylic or polymer modified Portland cement mortar to lay the tile and finish with a polymer-modified grout.
4 . Make electrical connections.
Connect all wires to the appropriate terminals on the thermostat. If installing more than one mat, connect each mat in parallel to the thermostat.*

* A qualified electrician must make the electrical connections.

Installing ThermoFloor®

There is NO easier floor warming system to install!

Follow these easy steps:
Roll out ThermoFloor and arrange to fit your heated area.
Fill in non-heated areas with our unheated padding or generic underlayment.
Run 20' lead wires from the end of each pad to the electrical box.
Duct-tape pad seams together.
Install thermostat.
Connect multiple under floor warming pads to one thermostat.
Cover with finished flooring. (follow flooring manufacturer's instructions)
Detailed, easy-to-use instructions are provided with every ThermoFloor order.